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“To Build and be Built”

Alternative/natural Building at Kibbutz Lotan
Environmental conditions of desert life have throughout the ages necessitated a nomadic life style for those who chose to settle the desert. Attempts to force the desert to yield to human will have not always been successful over the long term. Experiments that try to integrate the natural logic of desert surroundings in architectural and environmental planning have had more success in building sustainable settlement in the desert.
The Arava Valley imposes extreme conditions of heat and cold on its residents. Standard and conventional construction techniques have produced housing and public space that neglect insulation, requiring extensive heating and cooling, substantially raising Kibbutz Lotan’s energy expenses.
Motivated by a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability in community planning, Lotan has made significant efforts to use renewable resources in building projects that aid in dealing with its specific desert environment issues. In adopting traditional and creative approaches to face its building challenges, Lotan is developing a reputation as one of Israel’s leaders in alternative/natural construction.


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