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Solid waste in Israel

Some 6 million tons of waste are generated in Israel each year, of which 4.2 million tons are produced in households and the rest in industry. Each person in Israel produces an average of 590 kilos of waste per year. Due to population growth (over 2% annually) and rising standards of living, municipal waste has been increasing in the order of 5% annually, although this rate of growth has been halved since 2000, and rates vary in different parts of the country.

To address the solid waste problem in a country characterized by scant land resources, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has formulated a policy founded on integrated waste management. It calls for reduction of waste at source, reuse, recycling (including composting), energy recovery, and landfilling. The goal: to reduce the total quantity of waste that the country generates, in general, and the quantity reaching landfills, in particular, and to increase waste recovery and recycling. The target: to reach a 50% recovery and recycling rate within the next ten years.


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