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The Jewish State’s Obligation to Environmental Sustainability

When God created the first human beings, God led them around the Garden of Eden and said: Look at my works! See how beautiful they are, how excellent! For your sake I created them all. Take care not to spoil or destroy My world, for if you do, there will be no one to repair it after you. — Midrash Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7:13
Round Table Discussions with Teva Ivri and Life and Environment
Teva Ivri (Israel’s Organization for Jewish …Environmental Responsibility) is partnering with Life and Environment (the Umbrella Organization of the Israeli Environmental Movement) to present:

Blue-White-Green: the Jewish State’s Obligation to Environmental Sustainability

Jewish Agency Assembly
Sunday, June 26th (24th of Sivan)
Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem

In this session, we will relate to:
• Israel’s role in global mobilization for environmental change, with a focus on our personal responsibility as Jews to social-environmental Tikkun Olam.

• The place of world Jewry and the Jewish Agency in the promotion of Jewish environmental responsibility in Israel and throughout the world

• The ways in which environmental responsibility serves as a mechanism for strengthening Jewish Peoplehood.

The discussion will focus on three spheres:
Environmental Policy – Promoting a Green Agenda in Israel
Identity and Culture – Nurturing a Jewish Identity and Culture that Embodies the Values of Sustainability
Local Sustainability – The Power of Jewish Community to Galvanize Local Change

For more details, please contact Einat Kramer, Director, Teva Ivri.


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