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Creative Recycling at Lotan

Wondering what this decorated wall has to do with recycling? Actually, it’s the epitome of Lotan’s attempts at reducing, reusing and rethinking. This project and others around the kibbutz deal with education, aesthetics, environmental protection, a sense of fulfillment, and community bonding. In short, it is an expression of our community’s adoption and implementation of the creative ecology concept in daily life.
Beginning in the collective dining hall and spreading to individual neighborhoods, the kibbutz separates food scraps from other forms of waste to provide the components for compost. It sorts other forms of recyclable materials (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic bottles, containers) at its Collection Center–built with the help of Israel’s Ministry for the Environment–for processing at Lotan’s Center for Creative Ecology . Most of the recyclables find their way into alternative building projects.
Over the last four years Lotan, through its composting and recycling efforts, has reduced its overall waste disposal by 70% each year. As a result of its advocacy and educational activities, Lotan has contributed to raising its thousands of guests’ awareness of environmental quality issues while instilling a sense of personal responsibility for finding creative solutions for ecological challenges.


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